CAMP MENINA - Probably the best camp in the world!, Varpolje 105, 3332 Rečica ob savinji


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far away from roads & traffic
children’s playground with swings, slide and roofed sandpit
pleasant campsite terrain, ideal for children to feel safe and yet offering numerous possibilities for exploration
cosy campsite atmosphere & warmly-hearted personnel
nearest shop and bakery in the village, as little as 300 m from the campsite; 2 km away, there are two self-service shops; in Mozirje, 6 km away, there is a post office, a car service station, a supermarket, doctor and dentist, banks, shops,
tearooms, pubs etc.
a wide choice of trips, entaertaining & educational, within 40 km from the campsite; suggestions and itineraries for trips are available at the reception free of charge and the campsite personnel will be glad to give you a piece of information or advice
children aged under 4 are welcome free of charge.


suitable campsite position: secluded from the village yet easily accessible; within the campsite, a special campsite area which can accommodate as many as 60 people(or more) is reserved for groups of guests
attentive & friendly personnel, always ready to offer a helping hand or adjust the campsite facilities to the group’s needs
nearest shop and bakery in the village, as little as 300 m from the campsite; 2 km away, there are two self-service shops; in Mozirje, 6 km away, there is a post office, a car service station, a supermarket, doctor and dentist, banks, shops, tearooms, pubs...
Ask for our favourable group discounts!
Biking tours (over 500km moutain biking tours in the area) Entertainment for groups.
Groups are most welcome between March and the end of September on a prior notice

The hill of Golte (3 km): 1560 m a.s.l., accessible by cable car; ideal for hikers and paragliders, It features a cable car, just 6 Km away from CAMPING MENINA, can take you up in 15 minutes.
mozirski gaj (4 km): A botanical park with a open-air ethnographic museum.
The two Baroque churches of Radmirje (4 km): with the treasury containing rich Mass vestments and chalices
The Logar Valley (25 km): a regional park with more than 30 natural attractions such as ice caves, springs, peaks and waterfalls, as well as plenty of trails to explore the marvellous area. From the largest Rinka Waterfall to the west there are Alpine peaks to be viewed reaching higher than 2200 m.
The Pekel cave (18 km): a karst underground cave with breathtaking naturally carved stalactites
The Menina plateau (11 km): full of pastures, berries and mushrooms
The Snežna Jama ice cave (17 km)

InCamp sports are:
Badminton, Basketball, Beach volley, Bike park, Bowling, Chess, Dancing, Evening, Campfire, Evening fire and Romantic, Fishing, Football, Horse riding, Indian village and archery, Learning to cook, Mini golf, Playground for kids, Relaxing and Energizing, Swimming, Table tennis, Walking around the camp, Wine tasting

Sports InValley:
All those activities are offered in our valley. You are welcome to take a look at the panoramic map of the valley.
Activities are in a maximal distance of 15 KM. On the map you can see our valley, inclusive 4 river valleys and 3 alpin valleys. In all the valley is 30KM long and the campsite is in the middle of the nature park! We are happy our valley is really in harmony with the mountains, waters and forests, so we offer you lots of joy and fun :)

InValley sports are:
Archery, Bowling, Canyoning, climbing, Dancing and partying,
Downhill Biking, Fishing, Fly with…, Golf, Horse back riding, Kayak and rafting, Mountain biking, Mountain Trekking, Offroad, Paragliding, Rafting, Road Biking, Skatepark and playground, Snorkling, Swimming, Tennis, Wellness and relaxing, Zorbing


RESTAURANT: It’s very useful and we are happy that we can offer all kinds of nice meals in campsite Menina. With lots of help fro mJurij’s mother, we have a menu of all kinds of typical local meals! Like Zlinkrofi, struklji, goulash, strudel, trouts… We don’t have a long menu, but what we have is a lot and goooood! Basic menu is mixed grill, trouts, goulash, pastas, stakes, fruits, ice cream, pancakes… And every day we have one or two specialties of the day made by Jurij’s mama! PA DOBER TEK!
In the restaurant we also organize culinary events and lessons, mostly we teach guests to make goulash and apple strudel! :-)


CAMP LAKE: Our valley is a real harmony of waters, forests and mountains. We are so happy that our campsite is located by the pure alpine river Savinja and that we have our own lake. You can see our nice location on the air photo and that sure is useful in the Summer for all kinds of water sports, games, swimming and refreshing…
Some camp pitches are just by the lake side. By the lake there is also a small Indian village and a place for massages!

RIVER SAVINJA: Dear camping friends, as you can see on the air photo, campsite Menina is located by the river Savinja! It’s the longest river in Slovenia, which rises in Slovenia and ends in Slovenia. It’s 92 km and divides the valley in 2 parts, Upper and Lower Savinja valley! It rises as a 88m high waterfall in the beautiful Alpine valley Logarska Dolina ( just 18km from the campsite. This region got a reward from the European committee -Eden, as No. 1 – nature park in Slovenia!
Down the valley, 3 smaller rivers are connected to river Savinja and so we have enough water for all kinds of water sports like kayaking, snorkling, fishing…
From the campsite there are 5 accesses to the river and it’s very useful for swimming, playing, having a picnic, fishing, kayaking, relaxing etc.
The temperature in the Summer is about 19C to 24C.


RAFTING: Enjoy our best activity and in the same time observe our pure natural enviroment.

Rafting Savinja is a great adrenaline experience. We have all the equipment and trained guides, which will make sure you have a great run on our river Savinja.

Savinja is a River in northeastern Slovenia, which starts in upper Savinja valley – Logarska dolina. It flows through Upper and Lower part of our valley and enters into the Celje basin and flows through the cities of Celje and Lasko. It is the longest river flowing exclusively in the territory of Slovenia, otherwise it is the 6. longest Slovenian river.

Rafters from Ljubno were transporting wood through River until 1950. At this time a monument resembling the rafters on the left bank of the river in Celje and an annual tourist event in the rafters festival in Ljubno. Specially at the upper reaches of the river there is a lot of fishing and rafting.

Rafting on the beautiful river Savinja is said to be 100% pure pleasure. Campaign throughout the route (14 km) to arrange for the right dose of adrenaline.

Together with experienced WHITE RABBIT team guides you will experience an unforgettable day.

FLYING WITH AEROPLAIN: Very near our campsite, there is an airport for smaller aeroplanes. Luckily we met a nice guy last year, that has a plane for 9 people and he offers flights above the alps and our beautifull valleys. The price is 60EUR/1h/person


CANYONING: Our valley is surrounded by high mountain peaks. On its way from the peaks to the riverbed water created narrow gorges in the mountain slopes. These georges and canyons reflect the face of the primordial nature, and are therefore very interesting, crisscrossed by narrow passageways, with waterfalls and pools. Are you really a fan of research of the hidden world? If yes then canyoning is definitely the right thing for you. Together we can visit of the wild gorges and we guarantee that it will remain a beautiful memory for you.

The nearest shop and bakery are in the village, as little as 300 m from the campsite. 2 km away, there are two self-service shops (Nazarje). In Mozirje, 6 km away, there are 3 shopping centers, a post office, a car service station, doctor and dentist, banks, souvenir shops, tearooms, pubs etc.

We recommend you to take with you home Slovenian arts and crafts products such as: handmade knitwear, embroidery, flax products, pottery, wickerwork, artistic ironware, crystal glass.

Apart from excellent white and red wines (Laški Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Šipon, Ranina, Traminec, Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Teran, Cabernet), Slovenian liquers are also renowned: mead, slivovitz, pearl brandy.
Every day in our camp mini shop you can buy fresh homemade bread in the morning. Also homemade honey and marmelade. Fresh vegetables, Local liquer (borovničevec) …